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Sonnenertrag beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Photovoltaik und nachhaltigen Energien. Wir unterhalten die Photovoltaik Datenbank in der unsere Nutzer ihre Erträge und Anlagen untereinander vergleiche können. Neu ist der Datenimport über Solarlog und Sunnyreport.
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One idea, one world, one goal, and healthy payable solar energy for everyone. That is Sonnenertrag.


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You wish for a permanent place on our home page and appreciate on personal contact with us? Than the Premium Advertising is the right solution for your need. At all we find individually and personal together with you a solution. The premium advertising has a permanent place on our site, it means that you don’t to share space with others. No matter when someone visits our website, he will always to see your advertise. Off course you have the possibility here, to see at any time a statistic of your connected banner and with that to view the success.

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We always are seeking for sponsors. If you are convinced about our idea and us gladly will help with the expansion of our database with one-time donation or even as a regularly sponsor, then we offer you with pleasure the opportunity for that. In appreciation and on request your company and your website will be listed on our website.

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