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Sonnenertrag beschäftigt sich in erster Linie mit Photovoltaik und nachhaltigen Energien. Wir unterhalten die Photovoltaik Datenbank in der unsere Nutzer ihre Erträge und Anlagen untereinander vergleiche können. Neu ist der Datenimport über Solarlog und Sunnyreport.
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Photovoltaic forums

For the most important websites for planning, construction and operation of a photovoltaic system includes among others photovoltaic forums. There you find independent information and people with some years of experience in the field of photovoltaic, who can and will help you. In a photovoltaic forum you can communicate mostly independently, to get support and answers at your questions and problems.

I can only recommend you to counter check your offer for a photovoltaic system in a PV Forum. It will only take a short time and you'll get from other users useful, measurable and verifiable results. The biggest forum of this type in Germany is likeley to be the photovoltaicforum.com. Whether large or small, plays only a minor role. The users made a good and informative forum, which will helps the “Newcomers” and interested persons and answer their questions. People who are dealing with the subject of photovoltaic system and their pricing and pass this knowledge to the curious and seeking people. “To give and to take” has always been a directive of Sonnenertrag. The team members of Sonnenertrag are even for these reasons not only in the

Partner forums of Sonnenertrag

Sun forum (D/A/CH) For Germany

Solar energy forum For Belgium and Holland

active, but of course also in other forums, dealing with the topic of photovoltaics

You know or you maintain a photovoltaic forum? You know and support Sonnenertrag? With pleasure we welcome other partner forums. Especially for Italy, we are still looking for support.